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Sue Spargo Canna Blossom pincushion kit

Let your creativity bloom with the Canna Blossom Pincushion. By layering wool, velvet, and ribbon, as well as utilizing embroidery stitches, create a vase overflowing with flowers and leaves.


Kit includes: hand dyed wools for background, backing + applique, cotton lining, hand dyed velvet, presto sheer, hand dyed buttons, ribbons, pattern for construction and stitch diagrams.Please note the following are not included: embroidery stitch instruction (Creative Stitching is needed), applique and embellishment threads, needles.


Optional Additions:


Creative Stitching Book


#24 Chenille: TULIP ? Gold EyeClover#18 Chenille:TULIP ? Gold Eye ? Clover#3 Milliners: TULIP ? Gold Eye#1 Milliners: TULIP ? Gold Eye ? Bullion Knot#11 Short Darner ? #11 Straw


Ellana Wool Applique Thread Pack includes #: EN10, 12, 37, 40, 49


Efina Cotton Applique Thread Pack includes #: EF23, 37, 47


Eleganza Embellishment Thread Pack includes:
#8 EZM: 21, 26, 30
#5 EZM: 34, 52


Freezer Paper


5-1/2" Kai Japanese Scissors


Applique Pins


Extra Fine Chalk Pencil 3-in-1


Ground Walnut Shells for filling: Unscented ? Lavender