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Ashlee Haddock

I fell in love with the fabric, patterns, and people of Thread when it opened in 2010. In 2012, I began working at Thread and grew to love it even more. In November 2013, I purchased Thread from Alyson Ray and found the perfect outlet for my personal creativity and my love of the local sewing community. My goals for Thread are to provide the community with a store that features beautiful, high-quality fabrics and notions for apparel, quilting, home decor, and to create a hub of inspiration that will foster friendships among the sewing community.

My love for sewing began when I was in my high school home economics class. That passion grew when Charlee Beth, my daughter, was born I began smocking and heirloom sewing and continued when my son Clark was born. I have been sewing clothing, home décor, and quilts for 25 years. When I am not immersed in a sewing project, I enjoy travel, exercise, and spending time with my husband, Brad, and our children. I am excited to share my passion for sewing and fabric with the customers and friends of Thread.

kate Basden

When I began my first quilt in 2001, I instantly knew that I had found my passion. Whether I use a modern or a more traditional pattern, I always incorporate Bright colored fabric to make it my own. From working at Thread, I have found another passion, which is introducing people to the joy of quilting through teaching classes. When I am not busy playing with fabric, I enjoy spending time with my husband, my two daughters, and my Yorkie fur baby!

Shai Sevier

My love for the domestic arts began the moment I stepped into my 7th grade Home Ec class. Those early knitting and sewing lessons were my gateways into crafting, but they only led to more: crochet took over my craft room in the 70s, followed by a detour into heirloom sewing—including several sessions at the Martha Pullen School—as well as clothing construction and home decor classes at UNA. When my children moved north for work I returned to knitting (they needed scarves from mom!), honing my skills through classes with some of the top educators and designers in the field. More recently, I established a children’s knitting club at my church and, with help from friends, started a local knitting group. Through these groups, I was able to pass on my love of fiber to the children and help my fellow artisans grow their knitting and crochet skills.

About five years ago I stepped into Thread and it was as if I’d just stepped into that 7th-grade classroom again. When the opportunity to lead Thread’s yarn division arose, I knew what all my class-taking had been leading up to. I want to surround myself with the makers I’ve always sought out—enthusiastic quilters, heirloom and garment sewists, knitters, and crocheters. I truly believe that by meeting with like-minded makers and sharing our mutual love for the handmade, we can assure these homegrown practices continue to thrive for the next generation of fiber artists.